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Pastor Quiboloy, the only voice of truth in these last days

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www.apolloquiboloy.com – When Pastor Apollo Quiboloy says, “I am the Appointed Son of God,” he is simply stating a simple spiritual truth. But the world cannot believe, accept or understand this. There is an angry, violent, …ART & ENTERTAINMENT

Evidentiary Support for the Authenticity of Scripture – Ministrymaker

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Heavenly Lights

www.ministrymaker.com – How do we know the Bible is authentic? 2 Corinthians 5:7 tells us faith is involved, but is it blind faith? No, we don’t have to take a blind leap of faith to believe the Bible is the Word of God. In…LEISURE

The Most Important Present in The Easter Basket | Our Kingdom Culture

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ourkingdomculture.com – Don’t feel bad, is not just you. Thousands of people are missing the most important present in the Easter Basket. With all the eggs and chocolates, toys, stuffed animals and all the wonderful things …STORIES

For Right Wing Christians, Trump Is A Better Leader Than Jesus – The Ring of Fire Network

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Katriina Aalto

trofire.com – Evangelical Christians in the US have always had a hard time differentiating the charlatans from the righteous, and they are again making the same mistakes with Donald Trump. These so-called religiou…ENVIRONMENT

SMO Missionary Funding

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Faith Provision

faithprovision.com – The “Promised Land” in Pandanon Silos, Murcia, Negros Occidental is home to the Student Missionary Outreach(SMO) Ministry and Bible School. God blessed SMO through an anonymous donor in 2011, the rea…STORIES

The blurbs are in for <i>The Triune Story</i>

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Nick Olson

resident-theologian.blogspot.com – I couldn’t be more pleased to share the following four blurbs for The Triune Story: Essays on Scripture, the volume of the late Robert Jenson’s writings on the Bible that I am editing for Oxford Univ…STORIES

Mark 14:61-62 – But Jesus remained silent and gave no answer. A…

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edward johnson

www.biblestudytools.com – Mark 14:61-62 NIV Almeida Atualizada (Portuguese) American Standard Version Chinese Union Version – Pinyin Chinese Union Version – Simplified Chinese Union Version – Traditional Common English Bible …ART & ENTERTAINMENT

10 Bible Blessings to Pray for Those You Love

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Bob Hostetler

www.guideposts.org – A friend shared a touching story in Bible study. His adult son and daughter-in-law began a tradition with their firstborn. They hung over the child’s bed a framed representation of the Aaronic blessi…STORIES

Are Christians Breaking Up with the Bible?

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Watching Eye

www.crosswalk.com – Thankfully, God not only reveals our shortcomings through the Bible, He also uses His Word to grow and mature us. God lays it out beside our lives as a measuring rod to teach, correct, and equip us i…LEISURE

5 Incredibly Simple Ways to Spend Easter with Jesus – Disciple Mama

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Brianna Martin

www.disciplemama.com – As of 12:01 a.m. on February 15, the commercial Easter season has been upon us. Chocolate hearts turned into bunnies overnight, and the Peeps are out in force on grocery store shelves. The Easter Bun…ART & ENTERTAINMENT

Don’t Judge Someone Just Because They Sin Differently Than You Do

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www.memlok.com – By Drake Mariani, Founder, MemLok Bible Memory System Don’t Judge Someone Just Because They Sin Differently Than You Do Jesus’ Command of Judging Others Is Mostly Quoted In Complete Disregard of the …STORIES

Announcement: Our Collection of Posts Responding to Bible Contradictions is up to date

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The Domain for Truth

veritasdomain.wordpress.com – A few weeks ago brother Wally Fry asked me if I have updated our “Collection of Posts Responding to Bible Contradictions” which gather all our posts concerning the topic of Bible contradictions and B…STORIES

What Is Babylon the Great? | Bible Questions

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terry nelson

www.jw.org – Babylon the Great, described in the book of Revelation, is the world’s collective body of false religions, which God rejects. * (Revelation 14:8; 17:5; 18:21) Although those religions differ in many …BUSINESS

Pete Buttigieg: smart man; ignorant theologian

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Donald J. Trump Page

www.americanthinker.com – Recently, in my home state of Indiana, South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg created quite a media stir by flirting with the idea of running for president in 2020. The lying and corrupt news media are enra…ART & ENTERTAINMENT

Contradicting Jesus on End Time Bible Prophecy

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Concerning The Times

concerningthetimes.com – End time Bible prophecy is perhaps the most debated topic in all of scripture among Christians. Healthy debate is expected, given the multiplicity of denominational backgrounds and varying levels of …ART & ENTERTAINMENT

Free Ten Commandment Printables

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Valerie McClintick

biblestoryprintables.com – Learning the Ten Commandments can be easy and fun with our suggested resources! One of the best ways I’ve seen to learn these quickly and easily is with hand sign reminders and song. This is a great …LEISURE

The CONCLUSION of Bryan Melvin’s Disclosure of the Georgia Guidestones! – Part Three – Full Translation – Josh Peck Disclosure

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Josh Peck

joshpeckdisclosure.com – Don’t forget to become a member today for full, ad-free access to exclusive content that can’t be found anywhere else due to the massive censorship from YouTube, Google, Twitter, and more. Without mu…STORIES

My Journey to Atheism

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Jeffrey Paul Bradt

atheistjeff.home.blog – I decided at twelve that there was no god. Somehow, later in life I forgot this decision, and it took me some time to get back to reason. Here is the story of how it all happened. My mother wanted to…LEISURE

Benefit Dinner | KiDs Beach Club

Shared by
Tammy Terrell

www.kidsbeachclub.org – Tickets for the 2019 Bibles for Beach Club Benefit Dinner are now on sale. The event, which raises money to give a Bible to every child in every Beach Club, returns to the Grand Ballroom at Texas Mot…

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