Holsworthy side tracked Bigfoot Magazine 08-06-2019



Spies in the Shadows and the FBI’s Bigfoot File

Shared by
Loren Coleman

www.cryptozoonews.com – The media storm all began with a message via Twitter. The FBI Records Vault sent out a tweet at 1:00 PM on June 5, 2019. It was simple enough. It had one single word: Bigfoot. And a link. That link r…EDUCATION

The FBI Just Released Bigfoot’s Official File

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Ricardo Aquino

www.popularmechanics.com – The FBI’s Vault is a fascinating corner of the Internet, and a fantastic waste of time. The Bureau’s Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) library houses thousands of previously sealed or long-buried fil…SCIENCE

FBI Releases New Information On Bigfoot

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www.ladbible.com – According to a recent report, the FBI has released its Freedom of Information Act and revealed more of what it knows about Bigfoot. The newly released files have uncovered a story about some analysis…SCIENCE

Bigfoot’s FBI File Reveals Strange Story of a Monster Hunter and 15 Mysterious Hairs

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www.livescience.com – The U.S. government released Bigfoot’s FBI file yesterday (June 5). It contains a few news clippings, and some formal letters to and from a monster hunter in the 1970s — leading to an examination of …EDUCATION

Is Bigfoot real? I went looking for it in Pennsylvania.

Shared by
Jason Nark

www.inquirer.com – Searching for Bigfoot in 2019 means long walks in the woods and maintaining a sense of wonder in the face of advancing technology. It’s about howling into the darkness and waiting for the unknown to …SCIENCE

FBI unveils documents related to 1970s Bigfoot investigation

Shared by
Dennis Bourgault

abcnews.go.com – The FBI made public 22 documents from it records archive on Wednesday, revealing that it once opened an investigation into the possible existence of Bigfoot in the 1970s. Federal investigators opened…TECHNOLOGY

FBI Files: Bigfoot & Sasquatch

Shared by
Flitzanu Narcissus

www.theblackvault.com – I never thought I would find official government records on Bigfoot, but I am glad I sought them out. In 2017 (and 2018) I was proud to have been asked to speak at the Mile High Mystery Conference, h…SCIENCE

The Breaking Story of Bigfoot and the FBI | Mysterious Universe

Shared by
Mysterious Universe

mysteriousuniverse.org – You may have seen the breaking story of Bigfoot and the FBI. Yep, you did read that right! As Yahoo notes: “The Federal Bureau of Investigation on Wednesday released a correspondence file containing …ART & ENTERTAINMENT

Indie Roundup | 12 New Tuesday Tunes – Tinnitist

Shared by
Ankit Das

tinnitist.com – Ace Frehley gets animated, Wintersleep wake up, French Vanilla power up, Dad Brains put the pa in party and more in today’s Roundup. When did Tuesday get so busy? Oh, right — after a U.S. holiday Mon…LEISURE

A Lasting Impression – Valentine J. Brkich

Shared by
Val the Writer

valentinebrkich.com – It was Saturday afternoon and the second day of the annual Pennsylvania Bigfoot Camping Adventure at Benner’s Run Meadow Campground in Farmington, Pa. For a full day, my daughter and I had been campi…ENVIRONMENT

Bigfoot Research Day 3

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Bigfoot’s Wilderness

www.thecryptocrew.com – Okay, so I took a break from working on the honey do list and spent another day in the Kentucky mountains. I explored an area that I had not been in for the past several years. I do make a few intere…SCIENCE

Newly released FBI Bigfoot files include testing results from short investigation | Crypto Sightings

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cryptosightings.com – Recently released FBI Bigfoot files show that the feds performed tests on a hair and tissue sample believed to be from the infamous cryptid. The 22 page Bigfoot file was made public after a freedom o…EDUCATION

Oregon fire marshal enlists Bigfoot to help prevent wildfires

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www.ktvz.com – SALEM, Ore. – The Oregon Office of State Fire Marshal announced Wednesday that a Pacific Northwest legend, best known as Bigfoot, is joining fire prevention activities statewide, particularly in the …SCIENCE

Oh, deer: Documents reveal FBI once tested hair an Oregon man thought was from Bigfoot

Shared by
a real shark

www.seattletimes.com – The term “newly released FBI files” always has a nice, mysterious ring to it. Expand it to “newly released FBI Bigfoot files,” and now we really have something. A super combo! On Wednesday, the agenc…

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