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How Climate Change Is Threatening the Biodiversity of the Brazilian Savanna

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psmag.com – Climate change threatens to push endemic species in the Cerrado, Brazil’s vast tropical savanna, into extinction while allowing the spread of species already commonplace elsewhere, a new study says. …SCIENCE

Wild bees are building their homes from plastic—and scientists aren’t sure why

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ICCB 2019

www.nationalgeographic.com – Portrait of a leaf cutter bee, the species believed to be using plastic for construction material in Argentina. Wild bees, nesting in Argentinian crop fields, were recently found constructing nests e…SPORTS

Elephant ears and lion bones among hunting trophies imported into the UK

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Mike Coulson #BlockFBPE ✋🌹🐬🦊🕊🇵🇸🌍🎶💚💜💙

www.theguardian.com – Lion bones, leopard skulls and an ottoman chair’s elephant leather were among the body parts of endangered animals imported into the UK by trophy hunters through a loophole in international law in 20…SCIENCE

Mallard In Flight by Geraldine Scull

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Norman W. Johnson

fineartamerica.com – The mallard (/ˈmælɑːrd/ or /ˈmælərd/) (Anas platyrhynchos) is a dabbling duck that breeds throughout the temperate and subtropical Americas, Eurasia, and North Africa and has been introduced to New Z…SCIENCE

Multi-taxa consequences of avian umbrella species management – British Ornithologists’ Union

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RSPB Science

www.bou.org.uk – Rob Hawkes University of East Anglia, UK LINKED PAPER Multi-taxa consequences of management for an avian umbrella species . Robert W. Hawkes, Jennifer Smart, Andy Brown, Helen Jones, Steve Lane, Dore…SCIENCE

If Disney Princesses Were Earth and Environmental Scientists… – Eos

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eos.org – Disney princesses are some of the most iconic figures in popular culture, and people love to reimagine them living in different worlds. There are zombie Disney princesses, the princesses as Game of T…SCIENCE

What animals tell us about female leadership

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Section for Human-Primate Interactions

www.bbc.com – What do hyenas, killer whales and elephants have in common? They’re members of an exclusive club where female bosses are the norm. New research has found that of the more than 5,000 known species of …SCIENCE

Mike Hulme speaks out

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Ken Rice

cliscep.com – One way in which the climate debate has changed in the last year or so is the emergence of a kind of “climate death cult”. This was always there in the background (see this comment from Andy West on …ENVIRONMENT

The butterfly effect: how one species’ miraculous comeback could save the planet

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www.theguardian.com – Giles Wood pauses on our walk in search of the elusive Duke of Burgundy. “Look at that hideous field of oilseed rape,” he says, peering from the Wiltshire Downs over the Vale of Pewsey. “For an artis…ENVIRONMENT

A Much Needed Safety Net

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intheshadowofthewolf.com – The comment period has been extended until July 15, 2019 -11:59 pm ET. Please take the time to comment against delisting wolves. Submit your comment here. See the proposed rule in the Federal Registe…SCIENCE

New Hominin Shakes the Family Tree—Again

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www.sapiens.org – This week, anthropologists working in the Philippines unveil new fossils that they say belong to a previously undiscovered species of human relatives. The fossils come from Callao Cave, on the northe…SCIENCE

How moonlight affects life on Earth

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www.mnn.com – Here on Earth, we have the moon’s gravitational pull to thank for the tides, among other things. But what about moonlight? The light reflected off the moon has an effect on life on Earth, which isn’t…SCIENCE

The best pollen for Kangaroo Paws is just a leap away « Botany One

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Botany One

www.botany.one – Pollen quality matters. Plants generally like to outcross pollen, so external pollen is better than a plant’s own pollen. If seeds don’t travel far from a plant, then neighbours are likely to be clos…SCIENCE

New Nature Reserve Shows African Golden Cat For First Time In Tanzania – UNEP-WCMC

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Neville Ash

www.unep-wcmc.org – A camera trap has caught the first ever record of an African Golden Cat in Tanzania. This species, about two times the size of a domestic cat, is the only truly forest-dependent cat in Africa and is …SCIENCE

The Zoo’s Female Asian Water Dragon Successfully Reproduced Without a Male

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Ruth Cox Williamson

www.smithsonianmag.com – A female Asian water dragon housed at the Smithsonian’s National Zoo has successfully produced healthy offspring without the assistance of a breeding male. As researchers led by Kyle Miller, an anima…ENVIRONMENT

How Trump Could Make the Extinction Crisis Even Worse

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www.ecowatch.com – Despite an alarming UN report that warns one million plant and animal species face extinction due to human activity, the Trump administration is poised to hasten species on their path to extinction b…SCIENCE

This is why biodiversity is so crucial to protecting our planet

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sunipa sen

bigthink.com – A small boy hauls enthusiastically on his fishing rod. The line flies up and a needle-spined fish strikes him in the eye. Desperate to stay outdoors, he ignores the pain, but his sight deteriorates o…SCIENCE

Why birds prefer wealthy neighborhoods in South Africa

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Sandra Hanchard

www.nationalgeographic.com – A malachite sunbird feeds on a flower in Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden, about eight miles from downtown Cape Town, South Africa. Money might not buy happiness, but it can buy biodiversity—at…

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