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I Found Bigfoot…Maybe

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John Norton – It’s approaching 11pm on a muggy mid-June night and we are in the backwoods of southern Ohio. We’re looking for Bigfoot. It’s the first night of our Ohio expedition with the Bigfoot Field Research Or…ENVIRONMENT

Yucca Man: Desert Bigfoot

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Paranormalin – There are well known reports of Bigfoot wandering the American Northwest, the Sierras, the Rockies, the Mississippi River corridor and even Florida and the Northeast, but there are Bigfoot reported i…ART & ENTERTAINMENT

10 Best Books To Read In July

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Westfield Patch – Summer is officially in full swing, and there’s no time like the present to kick back and enjoy a great book. To help you find your perfect page-turner, we’ve put together the ultimate summer reading…LEISURE

See if You Can Spot Bigfoot This Summer w/ Portland Spirit! | Daily Departures, 7-Hour Columbia Gorge Jet-Boat Adventure Cruise

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PDX Pipeline – From our sponsors: Portland Spirit Bigfoot Adventure Cruise June 15-September 30, 2019 9a | All Ages From $98 per person; Group pricing from $78 (15 or more people) More info: Salmo…ART & ENTERTAINMENT

How Do You Know It Isn’t Real?

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Atheist Revolution – As a skeptic, I often face the same question moments after rolling my eyes when someone is talking about the latest Bigfoot sighting, ghosts, demons, monsters, visitation by aliens, the “special powe…LEISURE

SC EP:450 Watch out of for the Boogerman!

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Sasquatch Chronicles – John writes “In 1983 When I was 18 yrs old me and a friend who has since passed away, God rest his soul were backed up on a tractor path in forsyth county, North Carolina. This path was off an old di…ENVIRONMENT

The Lizard Man of Scape Ore Swamp

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3xStrange – The number of sightings of reptiles humanoids kind of creatures have being increasing lately. One of the most (un)famous is the The Lizard Man of Scape Ore Swamp, from South Carolina, the creature is…LEISURE

What No One Tells You About The Van Meter Visitor

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3xStrange – The Van Meter Visitor presence was first noticed on an early morning Tuesday, Sept 29th, 1903. For the next five days, the small town of Van Meter Iowa residents lived in fear of this unknown creatur…LEISURE

15 Products Dedicated To The Gemini In Your Life

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LookHUMAN – Oh, Gemini’s. You may be the two-faced friend of the group, but we know you mean well. You have many admirable qualities such as your independence, your ability to give zero fucks, and you’re a part-…LEISURE

The Dyatlov Pass Incident: A Case Study

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UFO Insight – The fact that researchers and historians alike are not quite sure if the deaths of nine experienced mountain hikers is a UFO case or not, only adds more intrigue to an already macabre but darkly-appe…TECHNOLOGY

The Bigfoot Files – A Case Study

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UFO Insight – Most of us are familiar with the legends and stories of Bigfoot or Sasquatch. We have all hear tales of a mysterious, hairy beast, who stalks the mountains and woodlands of the planet. Most countries…ART & ENTERTAINMENT

Top 10 Ways To Destroy A Vampire

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MysticInvestigations – Since Vampires are immortal living dead supernatural beings, they cannot be killed by the same methods as common mortals. Once killed they almost always burst into unholy flames and are reduced to no…LEISURE

Researcher reveals reason for life-long quest to find elusive yowie

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James Akpan✌ – Dean Harrison, from the Gold Coast, has dedicated his life to chasing yowies since he first came across a beast in 1995 An intrepid researcher has revealed the reason behind his his lifelong quest to…ART & ENTERTAINMENT

In North Carolina, Festivals Abound – Adventure Publications

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adventurepub – Pick any month in North Carolina and you’re sure to find a festival to attend. There are beer festivals, food festivals, craft festivals, music festivals—even festivals celebrating Bigfoot, Mayberry,…

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